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  • Thanks for the info and advice – sounds about right – I've been doing electrical work for three years – and you seem to represent the work, and it's nature, and my boss's stresses and concerns – very well.

  • This video ain't for pussies he doesn't care about fucking eye contact and pronunciation. I got exactly what I expected and wanted from this video, which is exactly what he says at the end. Thank you for the insight. This is genuine, and 'real' , I'm looking to join an apprenticeship and only trade I'm interested in is becoming an Electrician..Looking to take in everything from as many people as I can before I make a 4-5 year decision. Any thoughts?

  • The right customer and general contractor is the key, and having workers that don’t undermine each other. Good job coordination, compliance with OSHA and building code officials goes a long way. I have seen some shady contractors and I refuse to lower my health and integrity in association with that.
    A job well done is like playing a great song to an inspired audience. You want more of that. This is why I will be an electrician to my last breath.

  • What a good random video about life and electronics (what i was rly looking for). I almost died when i was 17 in 2003, and once you can face death, you life so differently and authentically. Some fear and never confront death, always trying to live "safe", which is really a deprived, unexplored, always cautioned life: never really living.

    fearing bad things dont stop them from happeneing. Fearing bad things keep you from enjoying the good things.

  • Yeah it’s real fucking hard that’s why my dad chose that job in the 60s . My dad was a union electrician and maintenance supervisor for numerous manufacturing. Plants. He would just stand around and smoke cigarettes and wait for something to break. Some nights he would just sit on his ass all night and not do a damn thing . Other nights shit would break all night. But most of the time he didn’t do anything just walk around and observe

  • I did electric work for twenty seven years . It's dirty dangerous and in the end you'll have a bad back . You better like digging that's for sure. Heck we even dug under the interstate ! What a night mare that was. Better off delivering pizza it's a lot easier than what I did.

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