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Ep 16 – The Difference Between A Good Electrician And A Bad Electrician

What separates the quality from the riff-raff? In this episode I give my OPINION about what it takes to be a good electrician from watching the guys who came …




  • A lot of the time, your work is going to be hidden inside a wall and never looked at again or if it is, it'll be another electrician. Plumbers are the same. If you can't take pride in doing a job that could be on display even though it won't be, you're probably not picking the right career. It's always more enjoyable to do something well than to do it poorly. Doing it well will help you stay positive. The most miserable SOB's you'll run across are the ones doing the crappiest work. They have nothing to motivate them and nothing to be proud of at the end of the day.

  • I'm a 14 girl, I just got into a vocational school. I've been wanting to become an electrician for a while now and I've been learning all of the basics so I know what I'm going into. Wish me luck

  • Everyday I rewatch and listen to what this Master Electrician has to say I look up to him so much . I wish I could move to his area and just work for his company because I would know I would be successful.

  • I'm 33, started when I was 16. . . Today I had to redo my guy's work. . One pipe was a little crooked. . . But I fixed it really quickly and in front of him. . .
    I like quality. .

  • I’m starting as an apprentice after I get out of High school in may, I hope I do well I’m really excited about this new journey for me, I am not really interested on going to college for four years and take classes that I don’t like.

  • Thank you for the useful film. Can you see on the license of your electrician, if he is a Master, or just Journeyman, or maybe just
    Apprentice Electrician? Is it written there and where if so? We need to separate two rooms, which are sitting on the same breaker (and it is only 15A), into two separate breakers. Maybe you know how expensive is that work.

  • I'm not an electrician, so I will tell you what I think makes a good electrician. 1) Someone who answers the phone 2) Someone who will return calls, if they can't answer. 3) Someone who shows up when they say they are going to show up. As a customer it should not take me weeks just to get someone to come out an look at an electrical issue. Most electricians in my town don't answer their phone and will take days to return a call (if they ever do). I'm watching this channel and Electrician U so I can try and learn some stuff on my own, since you can't rely on trades people anymore.

  • What you described is not just the difference between a good electrician and a bad one. You described the difference between a good worker and a bad worker in any trade or job. Anyone with the flame inside to be all they can be is a good worker and worth hiring no matter their experience. Experience, efficiency and knowledge is just how you get paid more. My boss saw the flame in me and I had absolutely no in the field experience or formal training and education at all. He hired me and within 3 months fired everyone else in the company and just kept me. My pay was modest at first because I just didn't know much. But since then my pay skyrocketed and now I'm paid literally all he can afford to pay me. Last week was my 2 year anniversary working for him. I'm here watching all your videos and a million other videos on YouTube as a precursor to hopefully getting some formal electrical education so I can get licensed and take my career to the next level.

  • Hell yeah brother, Im same way i teach my son same way i tell him nobody may never see your work but still take pride in the kind of work u do for yourself & never settle for good enough and hack it because maybe your tired ready to go home, only settle for your best. like you say if u don't have a strap dont say it'll be ok without a strap fuck it. go find a strap a put it on get in the habbit of doing good work that way if another electrician comes behind you they say wow this guy does good work. Your work will define you to yourself and other electricians. Good or bad

  • Ive watch this video months ago. I was first year back then. Ever since I change the way I use to work. Literally. You have no clue how your message went a long way with me. Im not going into detail but you help me become one hell of an electrician and for that im thanking you.

  • Question for you older master and veteran journeyman. I’m 19 been in the trade 2 1/2 years I love the work and I wanna learn everything about anything doing this kinda work. I started out doing service commercial and residential and a lot of new housing. I then got a amazing opportunity doing electrical maintenance at a big company working in industrial warehouses. I make almost $20 and I have amazing benefits. We add a lot of stuff including panels, transformers, and a ton of circuits. Also do some smaller remodels but not often. My question is how people like myself that get their license working in a maintenance type atmosphere transfer into the “real world” as we call it. I ask every question that pops in my mind about code or how something should be done and I’m always taking notes. I wanna be the absolute best I can be but I also love the position I’m in. I’d just like to know how others feel if it would be a major difference or if after a couple months I’d start to catch on. I’m always willing to do anything to help out my fellow brothers and just want to be a good electrician. Also any books or online lectures, classes that I could find useful I’d love to expand on what I’ve already learned

  • hey Dustin! (sorry if I spelled your name wrong.) A big fan of your content. I love your progressive outlook of turning this career into the best of what you can make of it. Anyhow I was looking to pick your brain, as to a certain subject and perhaps provide inspiration onto what might entail your next video, (that is if there isn't already one) encompassing what you believe are the most valuable skill sets a respected electrician must apply himself toward to stand out. I am an apprentice and am applied to honing my most marketable skills in my trade, and do more than the next guy to get my edge. With that said, I hope you can shed some light of guidance for the rest of us apprentices as to what you believe we can sweat in practice to avoid the bleed in battle, and perhaps be treated with the respect to be trusted to take on more serious tasks. hope that makes sense! thanks for all the helpful info!

  • F@%# Yeah! Im a perfectionist…I really want to be the best as well. So I dig this video! NO HACKERS ALLOWED!!! Ministry Ganggreen voice
    I was a Corpsman, always a good student and a fast learner. Im always asking questions from all the dudes I work with and I try to learn how to do something everyday. So one day someone will say I know a guy and hes good but in that old school tone that you just don't question.

  • I made $10 hr starting in electrical trade.. as a helper who looked for the "Wire Stretcher" and didn't know anything. I Am now a Journeyman/ Master. 7 years into advancing myself, schooling, hard work, eagerness, wanting to know and list of determination.. I no longer struggle, do things that I don't want to. I am asked to do things.. and get paid for my skill and knowledge. I enjoy life. Do it right, do things safe, and have craftsmanship work. Teach the ones who want to learn. And employ the ones that put the underground conduit in, pull the wire who want week to week paycheck. Good video..

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