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Episode 10 Why You Should Be An Electrician If You're Looking For A New Career

Are you in need of a job change and have no clue what the hell you want to do? BE AN ELECTRICIAN! Seriously, hear me out. In this episode I talk about why …





  • Man, I've been thinking a lot about this. I can't afford to go to college for four years and ending up $100,000 in debt, but I always loved learning and figuring things out, and I want to do a decent job that'll let me take care of my family. This seems like a great choice.

  • Not in the UK. Labour is so cheap here now that if you're directly employed by a company, you're on around £17-20ph… Which is pretty shit for a fully qualified career where you're active 12 hours a day and have people's lives in your hands. It's ok when you're young. Not terrible money. But when you have to work til you're 65 in the UK. Construction is NOT a good idea. It's soul crushing. And it's because there is very low demand for jobs because we opened the flood gates for the EU. I like Europeans, but I don't like wages being undercut causing the natives to struggle to fucking live.

  • I’m currently a residential electrician. What do you guys recommend in the sense of longevity and pay? Residential or commercial? Regardless I’m going to do residential for about 2 years. Thanks in advance guys

  • Be a Union electrician! I'm a recently retired ibew electrician from California, and I'm very thankful for everything the Union gave me. It gave me great pay, benefits, and now a really good pension I receive monthly. Was able to buy investment properties and retire early. Non union can never match what the International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker's can offer! Working conditions are unmatched between union and non union. Go IBEW! Apply at your local ibew union office. Good luck!

  • 19 here and i am lost honeslty i tried college and i just hated it i can't picture myself doing 4 years there and working a shitty minimum wage job at the same time for 4 dam years so this may be what i need to do i got nothing to lose anyways mines well try this out

  • I'll consider it giving it another shot but saving up money for community college. Honestly im still clueless on what I should do. I already tried once and I'm always the last one their, I take a shit more time longer and sometimes just stare at what I'm doing. Feeling anger and sadness i just dont give up. But since I'm failing some classes ima have to drop out cause of financial reasons

  • Actually been looking into being an electrician. Got a cousin who is one as well. Everyone says it's good pay, good job, and it ain't gonna stop being useful or in demand any time soon. I feel like I can get the elements of it. I know about as much as the next guy. My main concern is knowing the right places to go to.

  • I live outside of Austin i have experience in a lot of things I’m 19 I wanna own my own business being electrician any company’s should I apply for in Austin I have a little bit of experience

  • I’ve always liked working with my hands. I tried construction after high school and it was a tone of heavy lifting and grunt work. I’m only 21 but I did well in school I just don’t like learning pointless things. I’m going to pursue being an electrician. I took a class in high school called electrical systems where we installed different types of circuits. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner but hey it’s only been 3 years and I’m not in debt. At least I’m not having to pay off college tuition.

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