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Homeowners Claim Denied: 5 Reasons Why

We purchase insurance for one reason – to pay for our loss when something bad happens. But search any insurance company on Google, and you’ll see a …





  • We are going through this exact same thing with Allstate right now and I am FURIOUS. We live in New England, where we have very tough winters with a great deal of inclement weather, with lots of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. We recently had a large ice dam form on our roof, which cause a serious leak in our master bathroom, causing damage to the ceiling, the walls, and has caused a mold problem. It also caused damage to our wood sink vanity and has caused it to rot. The very same day we discovered this ice dam, we had a water leak in our living room, where water from our back deck from melting snow leaked underneath our two sliding glass doors into our living room, causing significant water damage to our only 3-year-old hardwood floors. Needless to say, we filed a claim with Allstate and they sent an independent adjuster out to perform an inspection. The inspector did confirm the damages, took photos, put together an estimate, and submitted said estimate and photos to Allstate. Allstate is now DENYING our claim, saying that the damages were "not sudden or accidental." Um, I'm sorry, but it doesn't get much more sudden or accidental than this! We pay these people a ridiculous amount of money per year for our policy and the policy is in place to cover these EXACT types of things, yet here they are denying our claim! My blood has been on full boil since yesterday in dealing with this. I have since filed a complaint against Allstate with our state's Bureau of Insurance and our next step is going to be to contact an attorney. We pay good money for our policy and we expect to be able to use it when we need it! That's the entire reason we pay for homeowners insurance! This is absolutely unreal. Insurance is nothing but a huge scam and a HUGE waste of money if these companies are not going to allow you to actually use the policy that you pay them for when you need it!

  • I’m an insurance agent. You crushed it with this video. Know what you buy. Unfortunately companies like geico and progressive make that hard.

  • NICE thanks a lot, none of no one's business what happened to me but so FAR my ins co is working with me on the damage but I want to do most of the work myself and did not say so for a long time wondering if I should have said nothing on that issue lol

  • Move to New Zealand for insurance that's all I can say plus the NZ to US exchange rate is 65c on the US dollar so you get more bang for your buck just saying if moving here from the US

  • I had Farm Bureau and had water damage from the rain at the french door that leaked into my floor in the living room. The insurance company didn't cover it despite me paying faithfully for 15 plus years. The told me that it was a long term problem. I installed gutters myself and repaired the flooring and french door myself because they wouldn't help me at all. They didn't renew my policy and now I am shopping for another insurance. Thanks to Farm Bureau for no help at all and now I am having a hard time finding a company to insure me because I filed a claim last year. Insurance companies have it all figured out not to pay anything to assist the consumers and they want us to pay a 1000 deductible but they are still aren't going to pay anyway so what's the purpose??????????

  • Why is nobody noticingTWIA has not been paying any claims at all since the hurricane. Roofers are actually out of work. When will they start paying claims? Will they ever start paying claims? The only roofs being repaired are where homeowners are paying for the repairs themselves. No other residential roofs are being repaired anywhere in the Corpus Christi to Rockport area. See for yourself. Go drive around and try to find a roof under repair.  What difference does it make whether your claim is denied or granted if it's not going to be paid anyway?

  • It sounds like insurance companies are doing anything they can to stop you from getting the money you spent on your home when you're in a disaster and need help. Shame.

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