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Homeowners Insurance (8 Types Explained!)

In today’s real estate faq’s episode you’ll learn about homeowners insurance with 8 types explained! **Find out which homeowner insurance policy is best for …





  • Andrew, I hope you can help me! I’ve had to file a Home Owners claim and my Agent has refused to explain my policy, he referred Me to the second Adjuster assigned to my claim. I caught 1st Adjuster falsifying my claim and denied me.
    I have Homeowners Policy, Form HO9, Special Plus Form Policy Provisions, with SC Farm Bureau.
    I’m 100% disabled with low immune system and under doctors care for depression also, have back injuries and had to retire.
    After over 3 months of waiting on insurance settlement I could wait no longer on getting my home repaired. So i started repairs myself this put me in a financial hardship and when I was offered a settlement it was insulting. It would not cover half of what I’ve repaired and now Ive ran out of funds and had to stop repairs.
    I can’t afford an attorney, I have searched for a claims adjuster, with no luck. I reported my incident to SCDOI, South Carolina Department of Insurance. I now have to submit a form to them and it’s confusing-I’m not sure of the wording to use in fear I’ll be denied, financially I can’t take that chance, I have no family, no children, 61 and I’m not married. The funds I used was my only security and I must get it replenished.
    The insurance adjuster wants to meet with me to explain my questions and give me my settlement check. I refuse to drive 200 miles to have my policy explained and find out the perils under Form HO9!
    I was offered ~$12000 by insurance and $4600 from Duraclean, 2nd adjuster sent me a letter stating my settlement was for $15,812 , not true the actual amount I’d get out of the insurance check is not $11,137.40 – I’d only get $8,822? As for Duraclean proposal of $ 4675 it’s written on a letterhead this amount is not broken down so not sure what my portion of check is? By the way, the two proposals were prepared by the 2 people I caught falsifying my claim!
    This is a nightmare, I’m just about to have a breakdown, the 2nd adjuster is pushing me to take settlement offered and I just financially can’t.
    My understanding is Burden of Proof, is on me! I don’t know what happened, I don’t know my coverage, I can’t find out what the adjuster has claimed. I got my C.L.U.E. Report they have listed (2) cause of loss Smoke and Water.
    When I reported the 1st adjuster to the Assistant Claim Manager he said the 1st adjuster had listed Soot on claim he received. My claim showed loss cause (all other-property)? Then description of loss, as reported (IMs has discovered black mold in Ins home), this is a false statement, and reason I requested another adjuster be assigned. Along with 1st adjuster never contacted me after initial inspection, on November 8,2018. I discovered my claim online in mid-December and it had been closed on November 13, 2018 (with that reference to black mold-untrue-and it devalues my home!
    I called my agent in mid-December concerning another topic he asked how my claim was going On with my claim? I told him I’d never heard back since initial inspection? So he said he’d call adjuster it should have already been processed and closed. That night is when Infound mynclaim on line.
    For reference, I reused To speak to anyone by phone, except initial report, every correspondence was done by email, so I can prove everything concerning this claim!
    I have spent over a month gathering my invoices to prove cost of items damaged, reviewing SC Law, trying to understand my policy. It’s not even online!!
    Can you help me? I must know my perils covered, I feel like an adjuster should not be allowed to keep his claim secretive, and I have a right to get agent to explain my policy not the adjuster (i consider him an enemy). I’ve only spoke once to him and he told me I was getting no more $
    End of Story…I feel it’s pointless to even talk to him and they want me to drive that far to meet with a man that has this attitude? There is NO way, that’s whenI started my searching for another place to reach out for help, and discovered SCDOI and SC Tax Commissioner.
    Now I have no idea how to explain what happened, IDK! Obviously neither do they, even after sending an engineer out to my home and both 1st adjuster and Duraclean been out here 2 times.
    Idk, what to do all I can say I’ve gone from paying bills as soon as I received to having to hold that to few days before due.
    I’m not sure what classification they plan to put me in, I feel it will be high risk, I can’t afford that! Plus it will effect my perfect 799 credit score and high insurance rating.
    Never been in a position like this,would not be able to afford high insurance, even if someone would cover me. I just happened to run across you on UTube and felt it was for a reason.
    There’s a lot more to this story but I don’t feel like I should expose it here. Would you please contact me as soon as convenient?
    I must turn the SCDOI Form in Monday. I hope we talk before then.
    I prefer not to discuss any more, on line because this could be turned around and cause me more problems. I’ve Attached my email if you would contact me I’d appreciate it,
    If you prefer to speak on phone call if 706-830-1169 please provide me your #, before calling – So I will know to except call, please contact me. I would be very grateful.

    Nanette Reeves
    February 23, 2019

  • Hi Andrew, Thanks so much for taking the time to educate me about buying a home. My question is I’m looking for homes in areas of Orange County, Florida that I can buy a home in for $100,000. Real estate agents aren’t allowed to tell you if an area is good or bad, but I really need to know where I can find that information? I live in the Bronx in New York and like Harlem there are good & bad areas, as well as up and coming areas. I noticed that quite a few houses in the not so desirable areas have homes in my price range. I also noticed that the prices are going up. I’m going to Orlando the 4th week of May & I wanted to drive around & check out different areas. Do you think that’s a good idea? Thank you Robin

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