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  • Do you own a plumbing business? I own 3. Do you even have a clue how you would determine your price structure? Keep in mind what a plumbing or HVAC company expenses are….the vehicle, inventory, tools, fuel, wages, uniforms, rent, utilities, office staff salary, vehicle maintenance, medical insurance, liability insurance, vehicle insurance, bank charges, finance charges, loss of income due to customers not paying, education, continued training….just to name a few. You will never cover all your expenses at $40 or $95 an hour. If you don't know your cost of doing business, you will continually struggle or fail as a contractor. Keep in mind these technicians and plumbers work in extreme heat, extreme cold, work on gas lines, high voltage electrical components, work in trenches and sewer lines that puts them at risk of diseases, heat exhaustion, frost bite, electrocution, explosions and other situations that most people can't do. There is a value to what they do and there is a huge expense to operate a plumbing & HVAC business.

  • I was charged $1,300 for a pinhole leak fix they charged 150 service call we we're so dumb and to add insult to injury the name of this plumbing company (affordable plumbing services sanantonio) I could have easily got a water regulator pressure installed and the pinhole leak fixed with a fraction of that cost do your own research people before you get scammed

  • I've never paid attention to what other plumbers charge. When I started Plumb Smart, Inc. 15 years ago, I read in a business book to never do that. I calculate all my overhead including wages, then what I want to make as an owner, and profit, and that's how I determine what I charge. I fit on the high end of your average cost bell curve. I do know for a fact that if I only charged an average of $95/job (your low end) I would be out of business and there would still be those who complain that's too much.

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