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How Much Money Do Master Plumbers/Journeymen/Apprentices Earn/Make/Salary 2018

Peeps, in this video I will be discussing how much money do master plumbers/journeyman/apprentices earn/make. I go through some examples from …

Cedar Grove plumber




  • I’m a 3rd period apprentice in Local 38, San Francisco plumbers. I make $36.00 an hour, and journeyman make $72/ hour. We’re two years into a 6 year contract, and the next four years we get a $3 raise every July, bringing us to $84/ hour, hourly pay. Plus great, full benefits, and vacation and holiday checks every 6 months. Foreman make 15% more, and get a 10% raise for every 8 guys working under them. General foreman make around $100/hour. With overtime, general foreman have been known to make $300,000-$450,000 in a single year. But even regular journeyman can break $200,000 on a good year. San Francisco is where it’s at!

  • I had an issue with my main line water drain, it was damage with all the work being done in my street. I want to say that Emerson and Alvaro has been one of the most responsible and professional Plummer’s I have ever met. They work late hours to make sure you are taken care of and are a reasonable prices that work with you. I wanted to give them 10 stars. I will always and forever use them and recommend in any plumbing issues.

  • Me? Pipe welder? If I'm going pipeline it's about 54 an hour but running my own rig it's about 90 an hour.
    Ici working 60 hours a week w/ a 550 living allowance i'm hitting take home 3800.00 a week. So I bust a nut for 8 months strait and take the summer off and relax go on E.I. have fun live life.

  • I am currently 17 years old and still in high school and yes I get decent grades , enough to get into a university but I don’t really like school and I do not see myself not only going to college but staying all 4 years ! Going to trade school currently is my #1 option but I’m looking at my options on which profession is what I want to get into. This video is extremely informative ! Thank you !

  • You should make 33% of what the shop charges an hour. You should get paid by the job hour not 8 hours in the day. In service, sometimes you can put in 10 or 12 job hours in an 8 hour day.. If the shop charges 150 an hour. Its 50 to the plumber. 50 to the owner to cover insurance and trucks then 50 to the owners pocket. If he owner cant run a business on that amount. He should be doing something else.
    30 dollars an hour?? I was making 38 an hour in 1983 plus benefits. Plus gas for my truck each week to get back and forth to work. This was for my personal truck.
    This was a long time ago. I had job offers from different companies every week.

  • im going to school in the fall for plumbing and pipefitting, going to do everything I can to be successful and make good money for myself, my life right now is not great wealth wise

  • I find a lot of guys in the union that slack always disappear (get laid off first) but if you work hard and know what you’re doing employers try to keep you around.

  • Ive been working for a small family Plumbing and HVAC company for roughly two years and I really dislike it. I don’t mind the work itself but I hate the way the company is run. The pay is salary and they take advantage of it by working me over 50 hours every week without compensation. They keep all the scrap and the boss’s son even keeps the tips for himself. I’ve applied to the union and am hoping that I’ll get accepted into their apprenticeship program. I’m just trying to learn as much as possible before I leave for a different company.

  • I have read where a master plumber can make between 100 and $150,000 a year and with the potential to earn $200k a year . And this is been on four different job postings online .!

  • Hey Kenny been a concrete driller working in B.C. for the last 13 yrs . I am 37 years old so you think I Am too hold to start plumbing at this age ? I’m financially ok and have enough saved up to live with even minimum wage for the next 5 years . Would love your honest feedback

  • You are doing much better than me. I've been liscensed journeyman in Kentucky for two years, about to go for my master's and I'm the highest paid and I make 500 a week, 40 to 46 hours a week but that salary doesn't change.

  • Hey, I just subscribed! Currently I am active duty in the military and on deployment. I plan on getting out when I come back to the US and becoming a plumber but am in fear of being laid off because I have a family to take care of. can you give any insight on being laid off in the union? when I mention union there's always at least one person that mentions being laid off. Its not only mine but also my wife's biggest fear with us transitioning to the civilian world as a family. any insight on this would be great. As far as pay the union I will work for makes $54 an hour once you become a journeyman and 16.50 for your first 6 months.

  • Other things to keep in mind in the trade are plumbers certified in medical gas systems big demand here in S.Florida. As well plumbing inspectors and plumbing plan examiners.

  • So I really want to become my own boss and I plan on going to trade school soon and I’m really stuck between Welding,Plumbing,Carpentry, and automotive..just wondering which of these is more likely to have me financially stable in the long run based off today’s market because I really want to work for myself

  • I’m a 3rd year apprentice in plumbers local union #200 Long island, NY. And I currently take home $26.37 an hour. Not including my benefit package. We get a $5 raise every year we advance thru our 5 year apprenticeship until we graduate and get bumped up to journeyman’s pay which is $53 an hour and Foreman’s rate/ top pay is around $56 an hour. That being said, with enough overtime. You could easily take home over 100k a year as a plumber in New York.

  • Different from state to state, not to mention country to country. It really does not reflect what people earn in different places. That’s nearly impossible to explain due to cost of living and subsequent wages. He’s very far off from what I make

  • You'll get whatever shop or union rate is. BUT YOUR BIG GAINS WILL BE BASED ON SKILL AND ATTITUDE!!!!!!!! Leave your ego at the door, commit yourself to the trade and learning from yours and others around you mistakes. The tax free benefits that come from being reliable and competent like vehicle, paid training, sports tickets, usage of customers/suppliers cottages,condos, bosses Air miles, expense account etc. Those are the ones no one talks about

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