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  • I've been union for 20+ years in Chicago. Only advice I have is save your money because when times get slow and layoffs come around the union won't do much to help. U sit on the bench and wait. But make sure to lay them dues!!

  • I was working in construction and in 2008 🙁 layover employment and I become truck driver and now I won my won truck and I want something new to be home , what’s your advice ? I want to work couple years to learn everything And after that to open my own company ?? Which one you think or will be best ?? good money and a good job to for Business

  • Great channel. Very good advice. I live in Dallas as well

    I am disappointed in myself that I never sought out a trade in my early 20s. I'm wanting to get into one of the fields electric, plumbing and/or hvac.

    Is trade school a must? I hear different opinions. I have looked at applying at Milestone Electric since they do a little bit of everything, but their apprenticeship program requires the apprentice license plus (+1 year of residential work experience), well, if I am going into this field a beginner how do I obtain experience to become eligible for their apprentice program lol. I have seen others like that as well.

    Any advice on how to get my foot in the door with a company, with or without attending a trade school? Thanks.

  • What happens when winter time comes and work slows down. The biggest worry for me is work slowing down and not making nearly as much as I think. I have a brother in law who is a union pump truck operator and he seems to always be laid off or cant find work. He can go a month without work.

  • well Said. all very true.
    I run my own company and it took a lot of hard work. You have to enjoy working and working hard for a living. I charge over $100 an hour, and i turn down work every day. If you build your business the correct way, which is making sure the job is done professionally and done correctly and making sure the customer is always happy, it doesn't matter how much it costs.
    Im still learning every day, and every job is different in its own way, thats why i love my job as a plumber.
    Good luck

  • I’m a 16 year old high school student in NC and I’m very interested in plumbing and I wanna start my own plumbing business. Do you know anything about how I could do that in NC

  • Hello Mr. Wakefield I live in south suburban Chicago and I really am interested in getting into the plumbing career as soon as possible. Commercial plumbing residential plumbing I’m interested in the whole plumbing aspect. I love being able to use my hands and getting dirty. I’m always ready for a challenge in anything I set my mind to I am 19 years old and would love to get my foundation on plumbing experience as quickly as possible.

  • Why do plumbers charge for estimates?
    I need a couple corroded pipes replaced. All together, about 15 feet. I'll say an hour worth of work.
    I had some plumber wanting to charge like $900.
    I am not pay $800 an hour in labor.

    And some other plumbers won't even give tell me how much they charge an hour for labor.
    I know they don't know the full cost of the job.
    But labor should cost the same, no matter how big or small the job is.
    Materials are extra, I know that. But labor should be a set price, no matter what.
    And I am not paying $100 for you to take a look at it.

  • I am a apprentice plumber here in Illinois. First I started as a drain and sewer technician I show the company that I had what it needed to be a plumber. I make really good money almost the double as before coming from the dental/medical field. I have 4 yrs of experience and this will be my first as a apprentice and I will be very close to 70,000 for this yr. I dont make money per hr. I make %

  • I am a master tile man, I’ve been building custom showers for 15 years in Orlando Florida. I want to become a master plumber now to add to my portfolio, and to allow me to perform the necessary plumbing on job sites. What do you suggest for getting started on my journey to becoming a master plumber here in Florida?

  • I am in Kansas City and I would like to know the difference between residential and commercial. Also if you have any other tips that would be great! I am 17 and I am going to job Corp to learn how to become a plumber.

  • Hey I’m thinking about plumbing looks like a good job I’m thinking about going to trade school since I’m in high school and learn the trade and get started doin it and I would like to own my own company one day I’m just wondering what would be the fastest way to be able to buy my own company

  • I got into plumbing three months ago. I’m currently doing service calls for residential and commercial buildings, mainly sewer and drain cleaning, and unclogging toilets.

    What is it like working in the union and what are the requirements to get in? I live in San Francisco

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