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Kitchen Sink Plumbing – How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Trap

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  • My sink has the main drain to the right which is a y piece. I have 2 traps from each sink going into the Y fitting.

    I am thinking of running my left side over to meet the right and go into 1 trap and then cutting one of the pieces of the Y and capping it. I think my Y is larger at the base and as it branches to the two Y parts is narrower. I cannot cut off the whole Y because its very close to the wall.. Or perhaps I could.

    Any problems with capping one side of the Y ?

  • This was a great video. I'm a home owner doing my own DIY'S when I can. I did change all my kitchen sink plumbing out. Even the strainer baskets. All was great for about a month. I'm not getting a good seal on the tail piece and the next pipe. Any suggestions??

  • Oh, man, I am so jealous of all the vertical space he has to work with. Thanks to my undermount sinks and deep drain assemblies, I don't have room for a T-junction AND any kind of extension tube above the P-trap. I'm either going to have to insert the extension tube with the dishwasher barb in the horizontal section (is this even allowed?), or I'm going to have to find a T-junction with the dishwasher barb already on it, which I'm not sure even exists.

  • Skipped the one part I needed: what's the proper way to tighten these plastic nuts down? I'm sure it has to be more than by hand, but what's the proper tool? How hard do I tighten it?

  • Not the proper way to tee the two compartments. Should be using a sanitary tee, looking toward one side or the other, under one compartment, with the p trap off the bottom of the san tee

  • U have NO idea how helpful u were on this video, WOW. I'm a single woman that can do some construction but plumbing OH NO however I will definitely do this probably next week when I get home. Quick, detailed and informative. Thank you.

  • Very helpful, great video. But you didn't go into much how to connect it to the wall outlet. I have black ABS glued 1.5" pipe coming out of the wall. I'm thinking to cut it under the sink and switch to CPVC plastic pipe, then proceed like you've done here (because of a leak in a glued ABS joint). What is the proper transition from the cut off (black) ABS to (white) CPVC?

  • We ripped out old kitchen cabinets and sinks and put in new now my question is the pipe for the water is in the floor directly under the sink is all these steps the same except for curved pipe for straight pipe correct

  • Really great video but he leaves one question unanswered: Where you attach the horizontal plastic tube to the wall stub-out you use a metal nut. How do you make the seal at that point? Do you use one of those beveled nylon washers such as you used at the plastic to plastic junctures? Do you use a rubber washer? Do you use pipe tape or dope?

  • Great tutorial! Am replacing under sink plumbing this weekend (a first for me). Plumber quoted $600 to replace sink faucet, shut off valves & this plumbing! For less than $80 & 3 hours of my time, was able to replace the faucet & shut off valves. After watching this video, I'm confident that I can replace the plumbing too. Thank you!

  • if I have a black plastic nut stuck on my metal pipe coming down from the sink, how do I get it to come off. It no longer turns and has yellow stuff around it, maybe glue, maybe sediment from the water. I want to do what this video says and connect metal to metal nuts. with black plastic piping ..Thanks.

  • Probably one of the best do it your self help video's I've seen. No Bullshit, just information and extremely well done at that.
    I still hate plumbing (I know I'm due for at least 2 more trips to the hardware store before it's all over)

    Thanks for the help!

  • very well explaining ..thank so much..always get confuse about the nylon washer and the right position of beveled edge. summer is over I just finished fixing and cleaning outside my house and for me is the right time to fix thing inside the house, kitchen sink first in my list.. and your video is very well explained and every little detail count for novice.. Thanks again …Maria Ines…:)

  • Wow! I've been trying to figure out the leak for two months. This is the first video describing the metal nut on the sink basket. Well… turns out mine was loose. I took it off and cleaned it and the washer. No leaks so far. I hope it stays that way. No one at Lowe's or Home Depot mentioned this. They kept selling me P-trap nuts/washers. Thank you!

  • My drain is off centered about 3 to 4 inches to the right side but not directly under the right sink drain. can i still use the T outlet or do i have to use an End outlet. thanks so much.

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