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Lessons I Learned From Being An Electrician

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  • I have worked independently (with and without a journeyman) for many years in industrial and residential. I have a question: is an average work day 12 hours long? I have a reason for asking.

  • You.did a good job. Show up on time. Just moving forward. I'm teaching daughter now. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. I say if you can bend pipe and do motor control. You will always have a job

  • Hardest part of my job was taking orders from someone much much younger than me who had no experience of Electrial….he’s dad was probably owner of the company…laughable

  • My husband is trying to encourage me to go into the Electrician industry. I have no certifications nor experience. There are opportunities out there that would allow me to get my feet wet, however, I'm pretty damn nervous about going into this field. Any advice for someone like me who wants to give it a try?

  • It's the worst trade with the biggest cunts. As a Fire Alarm guy they always huddle up and make fun of me for not being manly enough behind my back. It sounds funny but it triggers schizophrenic episodes and almost drives me to want to commit suicide. I get bullied really bad. Then when I man up and get psycho they think I'm nuts, even though they keep bullying. In 2019, they all walk around swinging their dicks and bragging about Trump and their Guns and acting like they're Trumps kid or nephew. I hope god sends them all to hell. Worst people ever. Some are okay but it's heavily Narcissists vs. Empaths. Someone should study Narcissism in Electrical Trades. It's either a Narc. or his appeentice who eats serious shit all day. You're wrong thinking they have good intentions. They're just being assholes and laughing at you behind your back. That's all they do is talk shit and think thry know everything. Then whem they dont they storm off like little children. Worst trade to get into. Very toxic trade and people. Dealing with Electricians caused me Schizoactive Dilusions of Pursecution. My entire life after 20 years of this trade is almost ruined from suicidal thoughts from how bad these motherfuckers are. Ever since Trump got in office. It's a real thing I've been in therapy for 2 years now trying to figure it out why I think the entire world hates me. It all started with the Electrical Apprenticeship. I hope in the future tgry all get sued for workplace abuse. Somebody needs to make a change and start an antibullying movement. They push you to the pount where you fight back thenthey play the victim like all Narcissists. Its a bad trade full of Narcissists.

  • Not an 01. Couldnt pull wire for shit. Do what you know and make me a sangwhich and a baby. Women like this cant do shit. She made it through because she has tits. All women need to listen and follow direction from men.

  • After equality comes supremacy, female nature is never satisfied and will never stop until they take over everything men call ours. U don’t have to agree with me but look back at this post maybe 30 years from now when it starts affecting you

  • I've worked with some female electricians. And some great electricians who happen to be female. The difference is the great ones were electricians first.

    For those looking to get into this you should know that this trade is Brutal to the body. All the old timers have arthritis, bad knees, and have to get back, arm, and carpal tunnel surgery. Even guys in their late 20s throw out their backs and feel the damage. Women are prone to this physical damage faster because of their smaller stature and less muscle mass.

    Any female who wants to get into this, you can. Just make sure you come into it with the right expectations.

  • I appreciate your video so much! I did really well on my aptitude test and becoming an electrician apprentice is becoming a very REAL opportunity. However, being a decent looking girl, I'm worried about sexual harrassment and the work environment. I'm not worried about getting dirty… I change my own oil, build my own shelving, fix minor issues with toilets… I'm only worried about not being welcomed because simply put – I have a vagina! UGH

  • Good job Altered! Don’t worry about some of these yo-yo’s on here that want to pick you apart as an electrician. Drawing comparisons from electrical to life is beyond their small galaxy of thought 🙁

  • Mandy, thank you for this unusual video. I came across it by accident. I am surprised it did not garner more likes. (40K+ views and < 425 likes) I appreciate the honesty portrayed here. This does not seem like Manly-Man talk which may explain the lack of likes. It seems like all these factors coalesced to help you with your life skills. The (primary) enabling factor (moment of insight) seems to be rule 7 – Believe in yourself.
    I actually watched this all the way through several times to extract all of your rules. Here’s what I got:
    1. Take actions, however small to move toward the end goal. Learn as you go and fill in any gaps by any means available.
    2. Model others. Leverage the experience of others, this can save a lot of time but beware of rule 5.
    3. Be patient, work at your skill level but keep focused on improving your skill set. Understand that you cannot move immediately to your end goal skipping important milestones along the way.
    4. Reliability/Consistency. Make this a personal trait. This is important in anything you may choose to do.
    5. More than “one way to skin a cat”. Observe/learn various way of accomplishing a specific task/goal. Then be selective about what you choose to use.
    6. Leverage the strengths of others. Leadership skill. The most effective leaders maximize productive output by utilizing the strengths of team members effectively (and avoiding ineffective task assignments).
    7. Believe in yourself. This one is key IMO. It is this belief that allows you to accomplish anything. Without it you tend not to try things.
    8. Accept that some this just don’t work harmoniously. Accept this, don’t try to fight it. I realize this conflicts with rule 8 a little, but we only have so much energy and need to make sure we direct it wisely. Fighting losing battles is not one of these.
    9. Depth of Knowledge improves as skill improves. As you form methods for doing things, (all things) work through the reason(s) for the choices you make. This will help a lot later when you are challenged by others.
    10. Be grateful. This is also very important IMO. A moment of reflection from time to time helps us to stay focused on our goals and possibly make refinements to those goals as we acquire more knowledge along the way.

    Again, my thanks…

  • Just hearing her voice I could tell this women was traumatized by something in her past…. the comments about her appearance are extremely disgusting too. She literally went from being an electritican to needing to do self care for a living because of a field that likely treated her the way these male commenters are treating her. Jesus fucking christ.

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