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Martin Lewis on How to Choose Home Insurance

Martin Lewis explains how to find the best home insurance cover without breaking the bank. Don’t let your home insurance roll over with the auto renew …





  • When da peeps making claim they not paying any monies. Da staff too intolligent nd will finding to maany excose to not giving any lolly nd poor man is poor more becose the staff much too intolligent so he giv up. This not fair for da man who working very very hard. He conned and feeling sadder.

  • Just checking with you again….current company for renewal want 24% increase on last years premium … I will not be paying that increase for sure….time to look around…Thanks for the support, as always

  • With so many different types of home insurance policies available, it can be daunting choosing the right cover for your home. At a basic level buildings insurance covers the cost of replacing the bricks and mortar and rebuilding your home, but most people also choose to cover their contents too.

  • This video is littered with hyperbole and falacy. I expect better from you Martin! Poorly researched, often incorrectly stated and you even deliberately name drop a couple of insurers. Covert marketing at its worst. I thought you were better than this but it seems you're lining your own pockets along with the rest of them.

  • Great advice Martin.
    You have saved my family loads of money over the last few years.
    Iv saved money by switching to mobile sim only deals & haggled internet+TV package prices.
    Iv saved on energy bills and insurances.
    I even got a friend to claim for Severe Metal Impairment Discount on his Council Tax and got him a refund of £1200 plus he never has to worry about a council tax bill again.
    You have helped my family more than you could possibly imagine.

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