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  • Old Honeywell zone valve non replacement head. undone all screws and pull the head out, the whole valve body come of and water gashing out all over !! I was in shock conventional heating system with header tank, couldn’t stop it with my hand as it was too hot
    Had my knipex grips next to me, squeezed both pipes end until water slows down bit
    What a nightmare, never again ever since

  • This was fucking brilliant James! Love it! Lesson learned don’t cut corners!

    A mate of mine had water coming through his ceiling in his flat, he knew work was going on in the flat two floors above. Goes up there, peers through the letterbox and sees a pipe in an open floor shooting water out at mains pressure, turns out the guys working there cut the pipe and then left for the day! He ended up kicking the door down and folding the pipe in half to stop it leaking!

  • Been in plumbing & gas for about 6 – 7 months now, at a domestic job requiring us to move a boiler from one location to the next. My colleague had instructed me to fit a pushfit tee onto the cold mains in the ceiling, as we were teeing off for the new boiler location and removing old mains pipe. So as instructed i got to work and achieved it no problems.. now the customer was an obsessive tea drinker and constantly had us turning the mains back on at every opportunity. So i was asked and agreed to turn it back on as my part on the mains was done (note, stopcock was missing handle so had to turn with grips, rather tricky) . As soon as i turned it on… i could hear this water fountain blasting out of the next room. So i walk in, water going everywhere and i thought luckily i had a 15mm pushfit in my pocket, which i wacked on asap. As soon as i did that.. water starts shooting from another end of the pipe up into the ceiling loool…so with haste i turned off the mains. Little did i know my colleague had cut two sections of the mains pipe while i was busy. Lesson learnt ; always double check pipework before turning mains back on. Especially if with someone else.

  • Firstly I am not a Plumber, but here is my worst plumbing disaster.

    As a young Shift leader on some high power radio equipment, it was part of my job to carry out periodic maintenance.

    This equipment was water cooled and transmitted Megawatts of power and used 50000 volts.

    This nights task involved disconnecting this huge amplifier and change some bits.

    Took a few hours and at 3 am we switch it all back on, it all starts warming up, voltage up to 50000, power rising to
    1 Megawatt, then
    all of a sudden I notice water spraying all over the inside. Water and 50000 Volts get on very well and after a few blue flashes and some parts jumping out the transmitter it all switched off.
    After much paperwork a change of grundies and a lot more physical work
    I figured out two rubber washers had failed when we reconnected the water system. We had followed all the correct procedures so were a bit miffed.
    The next more experienced shift relieved us later.

    I explained what happened and senior guy said
    " No we dont disconnect the hoses like it says in the procedure because when you reconnect them the rubber washers fail!"

    I thanked him very politely and went home.. not.

  • I cannot believe this….Go down the you tube worm hole and come across EXACTLY what I done many, many years ago…..

    Working for British Gas special services (Industrial commercial division, that no one knew existed).
    Racial Equality Commission in London….I think…..As said long, long time ago…..
    Plant room on roof…..Flamco leaking on top of rather large boiler needed steps to get on top……
    Thinking…..Plant room on roof…..No head…..Piece of piss……
    Kneeling on top of boiler…..Slowly undoing AAV……Few threads out….No water…..Carry on…..
    Few more……Give it a wobble…..No water…..Carry on…….
    BOOM……Fecking AAV hits roof (about 25ft above)……Hot water hitting roof like a fire hose and raining down…I'm getting coated……
    Jump down off boiler….Scan plant room…Listen for pump…….Run around like headless chicken……Find re-pressurisation unit….Hit off button……
    Kin ell..Deffo gets the heart going……Lucky enough no damage…..Apart from me kicking myself for not scoping out plant room beforehand…..

    Also jumped a valve on a towel rail before…….Old school towel rails were on the HW primaries for winter use…….Not this one…..:)
    Fecking sludge explosion…….

    Loads more stories of things not quite going as expected…..

    BG 18 years and proud…..Made redundant in 95………


  • Hi there, another D.I.Y 'er trying to fit a fancy shower , long story short turned off at mains whilst working,,unable to finish due to medical issue..cant switch mains on.. its a single flat with a duel baxi heating systemwith underflooring pipes..only taps and vavlves available is on manifold..plz guys just need to bypass bathroom

  • Something very similar happened to me one time with a flamco aav but luckily the circuits isolating valves were close by so didn't cause too much of a scene. We always fit service valves now on aav's, saves a lot of time

  • hahah we were in school and one of my moronic friends got in a toilet cubical with me, he opened the top toilet tank and ripped off the filler valve, a 22mm pipe of solid water was gushing like a fountain denting the ceiling, i found a stopcock and turned it off, this saved us, to this day we have not got caught although there was like 2cm of water on the floor

  • I was working with a plumber in a local park, to deal with a burst pipe, that fed a cafeteria, and the guy that rented it from the council was going nuts, because his tea and coffee machines were on the mains, and the low pressure meant they kept going off on fault mode, we dug up all the ground getting soaking wet, as the mains was still live so he had some water. when we were finally ready to fit the new compression fittings and the new pipe, I ran to tell the Cafe owner that we would be shutting off the supply for a few minutes to fix the pipe, I turned off the mains, and we began the repair, however we were having a hard job getting the fitting onto the cut mains pipe, and five minutes later we were still trying, when the water exploded out of the end of the pipe drowning us both and shooting ten feet up into the air, soaking wet I ran back to the stop valve to find the Cafeteria owner standing there having turned the mains water back on, because his customers were leaving, because he couldn't serve any hot drinks. And that is the last time I ever left a hydrant valve key in position whist working on the mains supply.

  • I ain't no plumber but my neighbors caused a plumbing disaster.
    My drain blocked up and overflowed so I decided to clear it by myself with drain rods. When the blockage was clear, I pulled out a large handful of baby wipes which got caught on the end of the drain rod screw (and it reeked).
    I asked my neighbors if they had been flushing baby wipes down the toilet in curiosity and surprisingly they denied it. However, they have 4 small children so they must be using them on a regular basis, unless its the kids flushing foreign items down the toilet.
    Overall, I think wet wipes should be banned because 1 – they are not 'flushable'; 2 – they get caught on the pipes if flushed (especially the old clay pipes; and 3 – it costs water companies millions of pounds to clean out the wipes.

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