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We PASSED All The INSPECTIONS!!! Ready For Insulation, Drywall (Plumbing, Electrical, Gas) For RPR Hats (T shirts and hoodies coming soon.) Instagram: @redpoppyranch contact: …

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  • I hope you changed your mind and put in a kitchen vent to outside. I love to cook, bake, all of that. And how many times I have had to use the vent is countless. From over flowing potato water, pasta water, steam, smoke from too high heat on oil, list goes on and on. Lol

  • Freaking amazing such a inspirational story about life and how much people depend on help all of the time because of people like you I have learned an incredible amount of living off the land comfortably ty for sharing your life with us and ps your videos are so informative

  • Wow, you have such a beautiful place! Those turkeys alone are worth the move there, just by themselves! I'm really enjoying watching your videos. I'm sorry you experienced a lot of disappointments with helpers. Good help is so hard to find nowadays.

    I was thinking a snow tractor would be perfect for where you live, and maybe even a snowmobile. 🙂 But you are doing an amazing job, and you family will absolutely love living there once everything is done and all of your furniture is moved in. 🙂 Congratulations!

  • Our home at 4187 Trail End Road, Rhinelander WI is exactly as you describe. I bought a WI Ag Extension Service house plan blueprint, 1800 sq ft under one roof line, drive in basement garage. Contractor done basement, framing, plumbing, all in the $50,000 loan. Thermopane windows, weather tight but needed outside siding and inside doors and trim. We put in used kit cabinets, but all new plumbing 3/4 inch copper lines from the well we put in. Three working bathrooms, one down two up. Modern wood furnace along side new gas furnace. Duct work done by heating contractor. The house inspector snidely called the plan dated and then kept the blueprint.
    It was stressful as my husband did body work in a rented building and house building also. We both came close to breakdowns. We began body work in the basement and the bank official told us we could not do that. Next was filling a Uhaul and leaving.
    The cops got the house with the assistance of information gleaned from a social worker's knowledge of my life and using coercive hypnosis. It was too easy to take this from us as we had no family or contacts in the area. Body work keeps your family isolated from community integration. It was 30 years ago, husband dead for 20 and I'm still here but not for lack of them trying. Was hit in street walkway by truck. Walk everywhere. Sham concern has me in 70 year old house with galvanized plumbing and tinkered with electrical, used kitchen cabinets coincidently. Our retirement house and entry to middle class life for my children was stolen for their use.

  • Just wanted to say how much I have learned from your videos. Little tips like doing the spray foam around the bathtub! Genius. Thanks for sharing your adventures with the world – my little cabin build seems more possible with every small project completed.

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